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Oct 2, 2012 11:00am EDT
u.s./mexico border. the wounded agent was air lifted to the hospital and is expected to survive. >>> president obama and mitt romney are preparing for their first debate. the president is in nevada. his rival in denver, where tomorrow's debate will take place. runni innin inning mates come p battleground states. paul ryan wrapped up an event in clinton, iowa. s american airlines customers are dealing with unhappy pilots. seats broke mid flight. >> the passenger seats came loose out of the floor. >> eight planes grounded after three incidents where an entire row of sts came loose. twice, it happened on the same plane. the airline says it could be a defect in a certain model of seats. passengers say this issue on top of decreasing on-time arrivals is unacceptable. >> if they don't fly, i don't have a status on another airline. it's an issue for me. >> shakes my confidences that i'm going get to my destination on time. >> american blames the issues on a feud with union pilots. the pilots say the nation's third largest carrier needs new planes. >>> a challenge to full body scanners
Oct 3, 2012 11:00am EDT
caribbean or mexico. barbara, back to you. >> i guess it depends on which side you are on, who you would like to win that. would you like to try? >> what is jetblue going to do for the folks in france, the millionaires worried about the 75% tax rate and they are threatening to leave the country. >> true. it's still going on over there. thank you. have a great day. >> always great to be with you guys. >>> cdc is reporting suicide has overtaken deaths. suicide by military personnel is on the rise. we have more on the problem and how to prevent suicide. this is a tough subject to talk about. nobody wants to talk about it. how many people commit suicide in the united states each year? >> last year, 38,000 people who committed suicide. it's a large number. what's larger is it's estimated 1 million people every year in the united states attempt suicide. >> how do those rates compare to other countries? >> they are about the same as in australia and canada. but, it's actually lower than in countries like russia, japan and korea. in russia, the suicide rate is five times what it is here in the u
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2